EU Open Science Monitor

[...] P(gold oa) - # Scopus publications that are Gold OA* (Source: Scopus, DOAJ, ROAD, PubMedCentral, CrossRef, OpenAire)
Lluís Revilla
Why restrict only for Scopus?
Lluís Revilla, 15/06/2018 14:55
Etienne Gaudrain
Publication sources cannot include Scopus. If Elsevier, subcontracted in this monitoring action, had its own open science agenda, they could alter their own criteria for inclusion of Open Access publications in Scopus and steer conclusions about OA. There is clear, immediate conflict of interest.
Etienne Gaudrain, 02/07/2018 12:16
Jon Tennant
If Scopus uses DOAJ and ROAD to assess the OA status of journals, should not these primary data sources be used instead? Unclear here what additional benefit using Scopus has.
Jon Tennant, 25/07/2018 10:53
Again, this indicator does not take into account all the monographs indexed in the DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books, most of which are Gold OA. It also excludes all the university-based Open Access journals which are Gold even though APC-free. It scarcely represents SSH disciplines as their journals are not indexed in Scopus.
OPERAS, 31/08/2018 08:51