EU Open Science Monitor

[...] PP(oa) - Percentage OA publications of total publications* (Source: Scopus, DOAJ, ROAD, PubMedCentral, CrossRef, OpenAire)
Federico Leva
Replace all sources with Unpaywall/ImpactStory, which already combines all the necessary/good ones.
Federico Leva, 17/06/2018 17:13
Etienne Gaudrain
Remove sources that may suffer from conflict of interest: Scopus.
Etienne Gaudrain, 02/07/2018 12:17
J. Colomb, @pen
I think BASE is already getting good data about this question, although it may all come from crossref (?), may be worth to have a look at scienceopen data, too
J. Colomb, @pen, 02/07/2018 12:41
Qingyang Xi
Elsevier products (Scopus) have pretty obvious conflicts of interest?
Qingyang Xi, 03/07/2018 18:27
Elena Giglia
Again, if you consider only Scopus - with all the proprietary/conflict of interest limitations already noticed - all these indicators should be named not "publications" but "journal articles" percentages.
Elena Giglia, 30/08/2018 12:32