EU Open Science Monitor

[...] PP(gold oa) - Percentage green OA publications of total publications* (Source: Scopus, DOAJ, ROAD, PubMedCentral, CrossRef, OpenAire)
Federico Leva
Replace all sources with Unpaywall/ImpactStory, which already combines all the necessary/good ones.
Federico Leva, 17/06/2018 17:13
Etienne Gaudrain
Remove sources that may suffer from conflict of interest: Scopus.
Etienne Gaudrain, 02/07/2018 12:17
What would be in the spirit of Open Science monitoring would be to take into account the diversity of research outputs that are accessible via repositories. Using Scopus for Green OA monitoring is IMHO almost an oxymoron.
Marc VANHOLSBEECK, 30/08/2018 16:59