EU Open Science Monitor

[...] Any additional indicator (and source)?
Federico Leva
Number of authors (e.g. identified by ORCID) who have published or deposited some work under a free/open license. Source: BASE, iterate over results to list the authors.
Federico Leva, 17/06/2018 17:33
Federico Leva
Number of journal declarations of independence. Possible source: OAD.
Federico Leva, 17/06/2018 18:08
J. Colomb, @pen
%age of data coming with any metadata. %age of computer readable data
J. Colomb, @pen, 02/07/2018 12:53
Alessandro Sarretta
Number of datasets deposited in scientific data repositories (from Re3data?). Number of papers on Data Journals (e.g. Earth System Science Data, Scientific Data, ...) Type of licence applied to data: CC0, CC-BY, ...
Alessandro Sarretta, 04/07/2018 01:38
Dⓐsapta Erwin Irawan
The availability of RDMP document, to enforce data sharing and reuse.
Dⓐsapta Erwin Irawan, 10/07/2018 15:06
Jeroen Bosman
number of data papers
Jeroen Bosman, 31/08/2018 22:06