EU Open Science Monitor

[...] P(twitter) - # Scopus publications that have been mentioned in at least one (re)tweet (Source: Scopus & Plum Analytics)
Lluís Revilla
Why look only for publications on Scopus tweeted ?? The ones that aren't in Scopus doesn't make them less open
Lluís Revilla, 15/06/2018 14:53
Egon Willighⓐgen
Use multiple resources, not only Plum.
Egon Willighⓐgen, 01/07/2018 11:23
Etienne Gaudrain
Exclude Scopus and Plum Analytics from sources as there is obvious conflict of interest.
Etienne Gaudrain, 02/07/2018 13:11
Jon Tennant
How does this metric capture anything informative, besides that an article has been tweeted? How does it differentiate between 1 and 1000 retweets, and the additional discussion that this might have catalysed.
Jon Tennant, 06/07/2018 19:05
David Morris
In complete agreement with Jon (and also Etienne, but that's a different matter). Twitter is antithetical to science writing/reading.
David Morris, 02/08/2018 16:42
Camilla Lindelöw
I agree with the comments above, and would also like to add that it has to be stated how twitter indicators point to open collaboration (the title of this section)? One finding is that publications tweeted are generally in categories where we don't count citations (news, editorials) and as such maybe could be used for an alternative attention indicator, but not necessarily a collaboration indicator ( )
Camilla Lindelöw, 31/08/2018 11:30