[...] G1. Implement consistent and inclusive OER institutional policies outlining the ways in which the organisation aims to engage with OER and OEP, and develop properly-funded strategic action-plans on use, production and diffusion of OER, involving departments and people, drawing on how such involvement relates to its overarching mission and values.
marcello scalisi
The lack of autonomy in HE system in most of the Southern Mediterranean Countries don't help to achieve this goal. It could be necessary to add in this perspective the role on Ministry of HE to open a National Strategy. On the other hand the role of OER Champions (see my comment on G2) could help a bottom up approach probably more efficient, seeing at the situation of HE in the region
marcello scalisi, 03/12/2016 15:40
Ismail Mekkaoui Alaoui
Probably the involvement of the ministries of HE will help if we are looking for National policies. The Universities in Morocco are almost autonomous. I do not know about the other countries, they may comment on this.
Ismail Mekkaoui Alaoui, 05/03/2017 23:09
Daniel Villar
As indicated by the recommendations included in the compendium: "Clarity about the justi cation for the provision of high-quality OEP and OER in HEIs is required". Therefore, I would suggest starting this section with the suggestion that HEI interested in adopting OEP make explicit what they want to achieve by doing so and how it fits within their overall institutional mission.
Daniel Villar, 11/04/2017 14:48
Hebron University
Hebron University, 20/04/2017 14:56